Guidelines for group acceptance


All new members applying to ACFF are required to answer the three questions provided in order to be considered in our membership pool.


You must have been at some point, based in Toronto Reservation/Airport i.e., Sales, ramp, baggage, cargo, maintenance cabin service.


You can be active or retired, In order to be considered for membership, we need to know some very important things about you, not only that you work/worked for Air Canada, -which is a must- but that you fit this ‘family bill’ and we’ll all be on the same positive roll. In other words you believe in and agree to the conditions set out by the ACFF Team.


Our convenient questionnaire explains how to become a member. If a walk down memory lane at Air Canada is your cup of tea, then fill in the questionnaire and start to experience the wonders only to be found in an ACFF journey.


You are now poised to become a fully-fledged member in Air Canada Family Friends (ACFF) and be able to fully enjoy this group’s remarkable experience.


Once completed, you'll be on your way to a gratifying journey. You’ll become a full fledged member in Air Canada Family Friends' (ACFF).