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Welcome to Air Canada Family Friends Reach our new Webpage and Blog.

This is a progressive step forward that will offer our Facebook ACFF membership the opportunity to look for and connect with an even wider array of colleagues dating as far back as our memories stretch. Around this “ACFF Reach” table we can share a sense of history and remember times of transition from the Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) inaugural flight of September 1, 1937 through to Jan 1965 when the national airline, Air Canada, was born. The journey from Government ownership to Privatization enriched our lives by allowing us to see the past as an important mindset in moving forward to an incredible future. 

I remember how welcoming my colleagues were when I joined Air Canada and that continued right up to the time I retired (2005). By then the environment was a kaleidoscope, which we all embraced despite events that shook the airline to the core like 911 and now Covid 19. Even through the hard bumps Air Canada stands poised to re-adapt and forge on, never to be dragged down by any one event. What good is our history if we are not evolving with the times and proudly sharing our positive strengths? So welcome! Join in the advancement of a movement and be part of the guiding beliefs that characterize a community which seeks and shares goodness with one another. Thank you!

The Team

Photo of Ann Harper

Ann Harper


Air Canada - Retiree

(1979 - 2005)

I have earned experience in a leadership role in Air Canada Customer Sales and Service – Pearson International Airport, Toronto (1979 -2005). Has served on the Ticketing Handbook Working Group of the International Air Transportation Association, Geneva (THWG of IATA). Worked in disaster management for the Canadian Red Cross and to keep an active role as an online volunteer, teaching and fundraising for the United Nations (UNV). My fundraising work includes the United Nations World Food – Walk the World in partnership with TNT (2006 – 2009).

Taught in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2008 -2009), and volunteered in several NGO programs in Mongolia, such as Habitat for Humanity through the United States Embassy, and International Women Association of Mongolia (IWAM). Upon returning to Toronto, I worked as a receptionist at Salt and Light Catholic Television, Toronto (2009 - 2010) and The Theology Alumni Events Coordinator – St Michael’s College, University of Toronto (2011)

I am the founder of and remains administrator of Air Canada Family Friends (ACFF). I am happy to add Air Canada Family Friends -Reach (ACFF-R) Website to my cache of activities.

My interests are varied but steadfast in International Human Rights of the Child (Law Certificate 2019) other special interest includes UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Travel (people and culture) and music.

Photo of David Slobod

David Slobod

Web Administrator

Air Canada - Retiree

(1985 - 2020)

David began his travel industry career in 1981 initially working in wholesale and retail travel. In 1985 he was hired by Air Canada as a C&SS HelpDesk Analyst, a role that eventually transitioned to The Gemini Group. During that time David oversaw the training of the Gemini HelpDesk from Reservec to Apollo and then continued with Galileo Canada providing automation support to travel agents. David rejoined Air Canada in 1998 as a Product Distribution Manager where he implemented various projects which enhanced Air Canada’s distribution capabilities with the GDS and other third-party vendors. He was also Air Canada’s representative to several IATA and airline industry committees. David’s final role was to oversee the training and transition to Amadeus Altéa for Air Canada's Global Sales branch. He retired from Air Canada in 2020.