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In this section of “Skills Share” we’re hoping to create a service from within our group, to be a force for growth, change and economic discovery of your hidden talents. It’s our hope to seek and find in our ACFF community some of the most extraordinary members with great skill sets and willing to share their information. We hope to explore your creative abilities and inspire our membership to support each other a kind of “Employee Helping Employee” So if you’re creative, talented and a trusted individual who has legal qualifications (when applicable) in any of these areas’ carpentry, plumbing, roofing, home/apartment painting, moving service, or computer sciences in illustration, web design, photography, videos and more; please sign up now. You must be a retired or active employee as well as an active participant in ACFF. Please leave your contact by filling out our online information form. Thank you!

Skills and Services Offered

SAMPLE AD: I will offer website hosting. Let us build and manage your website and web services!

Hello! I'm offering my skills to build you a professional website that is easy to manage and update. I offer support and training so that you are able to grow your site.

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