Where are they now?

Let ACFF Reach help you reconnect with former colleagues and friends.

When old friends reconnect, there is a refreshing newness, after great memories

wash over you, the stage is set for so many more. — Tom Althouse


In our Air Canada’s career world, the people we met mattered to us more than most other things. The connections we form can elevate us to new levels of lasting friendships. However, when life gets busy, it can feel challenging to spend enough time with friends and family, let alone stay connected with colleagues with whom contacts are not ordinarily maintained. ACFF Reach can be a pathway for you to easily reconnect with colleagues who may have unintentionally lost contact with. It is a tool through which you can keep those relationships alive. Through ACFF “Where are they now?” you can make a specific request as to the whereabouts of someone you worked with in Reservations, Airport Sales, Baggage, Cabin Services, and Ramp etc. Wanting to say hello is as legitimate a reason as ever and you are more likely to get a secure, positive response this way. It is very important that your message be directed to a specific person, and you should be up- front and genuine. Keep it short, friendly and to the point.

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