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Ann's Story

Hello ACFF Reach readers,

I would like to thank my friend Alex for calling me up one evening to share a story that makes him laugh out loud every time he remembers it. I must say that throughout our conversation we laughed so loudly that we could have been mistaken for a couple of old drunkards on a binge.

The truth is Alex's insightfulness, when sharing his story, inspired me to create "Nooks & Crannies" and incorporate it into our new ACFF Reach website.

I appreciate Alex's sharing, not only with me, but also with you. We'll always welcome 

bright ideas like Alex's and those of interested persons like you.

I hope you will continue reading our website and contribute your own stories about working with the airline.

NB: All stories should be 100 - 200 words maximum. Please keep them simple, positive

and joyful. Thank you



Alex's Story

One of my amusing memories of the airport was the nights MJ and I  handled the Canada 3000 flight - Toronto-Belfast-Lamezia.

Travel agents sold the flight to passengers without advising them that it made 2 stops (Northern Ireland and Italy). When we announced boarding in English and Italian the response was predictable: a stream of confused Italian passengers approached the counter wondering where this "Belifaste" place was and passengers heading to Belfast were equally bewildered with "Lamezia". What started out - with confused looks and "Where the (bleep)" - ended with smiles and laughter as everyone finally understood what the flight routing was. When the boarding began we usually called out the sequence numbers in Italian and Belfast bound passengers sometimes asked if this was a special security code. 

To write about it might not seem so funny , but to be there as we dispatched that flight was quite a different story as passengers performed like the cast of a Fellini film....Alex


Charlotte's Story

When I worked at AC Res at 130 Bloor St I got a call from a passenger wanting to fly to Attawapiskat. I thought he wanted to go to Ottawa but why the "pis". He repeated it again. I put him on a brief hold & could not contain myself with laughter. I asked a few colleagues of mine if they knew where it was & they burst out laughing too. Mimma Q was at the Control desk & stood up & looked in our direction. We quickly put our headphones on & I very politely told the gentleman that I could not locate the city. He said that Attawapiskat was First Nation up North. Finally booked him & every time I think about it I just laugh at myself.

I thought you wanted a funny incident otherwise I would have written about my phone conversation with St. Mother Theresa & all courtesy of You.

God Bless



Bob's Story

I was a recent transfer to Vancouver from Toronto and was working dog watch at the Hornby Reservations office when I received a call early in the morning from a customer wanting a flight that would get him to Sydney early in the morning , I explained that this was not possible and the best we could do was late in the afternoon. The customer kept insisting that he wanted to there in the morning , I kept insisting it was impossible. After a few minutes of this back and forth I "accidentally" terminated the call. When the morning shift came on duty, I told them what a weird call I had and what a load of loonies out there after midnight. You can imagine how I felt when I was told the location of the Victoria airport! Sydney BC.

Bob Mac Donald